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Our menu tries to mirror the local tradition as much as possible. Our offer is mainly based on the freshest fish available, therefore its seasonality is unavoidable.

The starter dishes range from the anchovies marinated in oil and lemon to the fried and skewered shrimps, a house speciality; during the Winter months it's possible to try a real regional classic: the rossetti (newborn anchovies), boiled and served with artichokes and mashed potatoes. A dish which makes delicacy its main strength.

The pasta dishes benefit from the fact that almost all pasta is made in the premises. Here you can find the classic offers from local tradition: trenette with pesto sauce, pansoti (fresh filled pasta) with a creamy walnut sauce, and the minestrone alla Genovese, a vegetable soup enriched with pesto sauce. The other dishes on offer are able to satisfy every wish.

The main courses enjoy the presence of a must have of our local tradition: the fish soup. Its elaborate making has put off many restaurants from making it, but we are proud to have it on the menu and to prepare it the way it should always be. If you happen to come around during the Summer months, another favourite choice is moscardini, baby octopi, available from June to August. They are cooked with tomatoes, parsley, garlic and spices, and served with bread croutons. For those who prefer avoiding fish, we are happy to offer meat dishes and, during Autumn, fresh mushrooms.

The desserts are all prepared by our chefs, from the cakes to the ice creams. This ensures that we are able to sweeten the end of every meal!


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